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Update: August 2018 … Thank you to everyone that used the tool, gave feedback and helped me evolve the tool. I am no longer able to sustain the sheer volume of support questions, needs, and requests. With over 250,000 users and millions of impressions later, this tool started as a side project of my own and now evolved into something bigger than I expected.

I got FBOverlays going when I needed it as a tool for my own event needs. I was manually creating overlay frames for guests using Photoshop when my lazy bone kicked in and a thought came into my head “there has to be a better/faster way?”

I could use Facebook’s frame feature but I knew by having my own tool I could also see analytic information and see how many people used my overlays, shared/co-promoted it, and helped promote my event via viral methods.

Facebook’s features just didn’t meet my needs so I built my own and it has evolved into this FREE tool. I hope it helps you in spreading your custom frame overlays and helps you promote whatever it is you need to spread the word on. Cheers!