Carubi Conference Spring 2018

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Carubi Conference Spring 2018 Kansas City! May 4 & 5

Don’t miss this chance to ignite your income and set your business on Fire for the summer!

Meet the Experts: Learn from Brand Ambassadors Owen McKibbin, Dr. Randy Lundell, Jennifer Sanneman and meet Kristy Kaminski

Recognition & Awards: Be recognized for your achievements and also enjoy fine dining and recognition at our Mana Awards Gala

Get a Sneak Peak at New Products: Shop at the Wakaya Market where you can find Wakaya branded clothing, business tools and products and be the first to hear about new products

• BulaFIT University with Owen McKibbin and Dr. Randy Lundell
• Mana Recognition Dinner Gala
• Training Sessions led by Wakaya Perfection Corporate & Leaders
• Sneak peek of new products
• Access to Wakaya Market
• First-ever meet-and-greet with Kristy Kaminski

Register and get details at
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