In the age of marketing. The key to effective campaigns is “Return on Investment” or R.O.I. How much does something cost and what benefit does it drive to our business determines its usefulness. With hundreds of types of marketing services, the goal is to understand which ones help and which ones are not worth.

Social media today is huge! So big, new rules, procedures and methods are being created in the marketing world on how to best approach consumers here. In one way, you don’t want to alienate the audiences and come off like

Recently, we’ve seen a trend where organizations are beginning to utilize Facebook profiles to promote an event or cause. Originally this started when engineers at Facebook created a Facebook app to allow overlays to be used in supporting certain causes or dramatic events happening.

What we started noticing was event promoters beginning to manually create overlays for their audience to use and help promote an upcoming event. This method of marketing has caught on quickly and continues to grow rapidly as event owners and marketeers catch on to the effectiveness of doing it.

It’s About Eyeballs

When one person changes their profile picture with your branding. It’s impressions are multiplied hundreds of times over! With the average Facebook user having 200+ friends. When you change your profile picture, it immediately gets broadcast for all of these people to see. Mix that with every time you post it continually shows this custom profile picture and the numbers balloon up!

In professional marketing circles, it’s well known that getting in front of peoples eyes is the key. How many eyes can you get in front of with the minimal amount of work. The more the better and increases the probability of consumption of your product/service

The BRANDING effect is overwhelming and every marketeers dream is to build a brand but typically brand building is the most expensive thing to do.

Having your audience i quickly becoming one of the best ROI methods due to its extremely low cost approach of allowing your audience to act as marketing agents for you. Does your crowd support and love your business or service? Let them express it and help you market!

As we continue to see the rise of this marketing. Automated services like will help business owners and marketing professionals utilize custom profile picture marketing for their needs.

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